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Yamasee People: The “Quiet Ones” were a multi-ethic confederation of several remnant native tribes (including the Guale, Apalachee, Coweta, and others) living in the southern part of Carolina Colony. They regularly clashed with both the Imperial colonists, and the Hapsburg colonists to the south in Florida, and are somewhat infamous for their staunch rejection of Catholic influence in their religion. Their one concession to the colonists has been their tendency to conduct slave raids on neighboring tribes, which they would regularly sell to the Imperials. They got into a war with the Carolina colonists 3 years ago (1717) and lost badly. Mostly of the tribe fled south to join the Seminole, but a few have been following the Blue Ridge north with the intent of joining either the Iroquois or the Shawnee.

  • Oleg says: “Zem Quiet Ones ain’t so nice eizer. Zems also got zeir arses handed to ‘em after raising a ruckus down in Port Royal. Zey don’t pick fights, but zey don’t back down eizer. If you see a pack o’ em, keep your distance or you’re like to get stuck a few times.”

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Ayam Cemani



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