The People of Freedom

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Quothe Tess: “We are the People of Freedom. We will free the people. First thing our tribe needs to do is liberate the rest of this tribe. We’ll find our sisters sold into slavery and free them.”

Quothe Bittercress: “Kʌtyohkwakwe·kú Latatwʌni·yó” (“All the People are Free”)

  • Translation from Oneida, which is the closest extant and well-documented linguistic relative of the Tuscarora language. Since these are polysynthetic languages, this is doubtless a really bad translation, but it’s the best the DM can manage with the tools currently at his disposal…

Quothe Líadan: “Given the apparent obligation of naming every damn thing in your colony after your kings, I’m leaning towards Mabsrath. Strath/srath being the suffix for valley and the delightful conflation of Mab’s Wrath. Would you want to invade Mab’s Wrath? I sure as fuck wouldn’t…”

PFRPGKingdomSheet.jpgYour budding nation has little going for it — you have no wealthy sponsors, your citizens are few, you’ve pissed off the Imperials, and you’re effectively at war with the neighboring natives. Luckily you are protected from the Imperials by mountains and distance, you’ve established a decent food supply to get yourselves started and feed you through the winter, and natural resources are plentiful.


Please review the Pathfinder Kingdom Building rules as well as the Settlement rules, as these are both relevant to your current efforts. In addition the following house rules will apply because of this campaign’s lack of emphasis on killing things, acquiring treasure, or buying equipment:

  1. Every 1000gp increase to your settlement’s base value from structures or improvements will grant an automatic +1 BP per turn increase to your treasure from the increased economic activity (regardless of taxation status)
  2. Any time a magic item slot would be added from a structure or improvement, a random item of the appropriate type will be automatically added to your party’s loot to do with as you please. After the first item for a given slot, the slots will fill in the normal manner, but the first item produced by the resource is always yours (as a thank you from the community, so long as your relationship with the community is protective rather than exploitative).

Kingdom Statistics:

Alignment Size Control DC Population1 Treasury Consumption Unrest Fame Infamy
Chaotic Good 1 21 103 8 BP 1 0 0 1
Total Leadership Alignment Buildings Resources Edicts Events
Economy +12 +10 +0 +2 0 0
Loyalty +27 +19 +4 +2 +2 0
Stability +10 +10 +0 +3 -1 -2
Edicts Level Effects
Holidays 1 per year (big ass weddings count) +1 Loyalty, +1 Consumption
Promotion Edicts none -1 stability, population growth only by birth
Taxation Edicts none +1 Loyalty
Improvement Edicts Size 1 Can build 1 building, 2 terrain improvements, and claim 1 previously-explored hex per turn

1 Population does not include PCs, nor NPCs appointed to Leadership roles.

Settlement Statistics

  • Size: Village
  • Government: Autocracy
  • Qualities: Abundant, Defiant
Total Government Size Buildings Alignment Events Qualities
Corruption -1 0 -1 0 0 0 0
Crime 0 0 -1 0 +1 0 0
Law -2 0 -1 0 0 0 -1
Lore -1 0 -1 0 0 0 0
Productivity +1 0 -1 +1 0 0 +1
Society +1 0 -1 0 +1 0 +1
Danger 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Leadership Roles:

Role Person Effect Vacancy
Ruler Bittercress +2 to Stability Kingdom does not function
Consort Siclare +1 to Loyalty, Can act as ruler none
Councilor Tess +4 to Loyalty -2 Loyalty, No Holiday edicts, +1 unrest per turn
General Oleg Leveton +2 to Stability -4 Loyalty
Grand Diplomat Líadan +2 to Stability -2 Stability, No Diplomatic or Exploration edicts
High Priest Hadawa’ko +4 to Stability -2 Stability and Loyalty, +1 unrest per turn
Magister Zibbler +5 to Economy -4 Economy
Marshal Achsaquareesey +4 to Economy -4 Economy
Spymaster Sara +4 to Loyalty -4 Economy, +1 unrest per turn
Treasurer Svetlana +1 to Economy -4 Economy, cannot collect Taxes
Warden Rhodri +5 to Loyalty -2 Loyalty and Stability
Royal Enforcer Owlbear Cubs +5 to Loyalty, -1 Unrest per turn none

Optional Roles:

Role Person Effect Vacancy
Viceroy Act as Ruler for vassal states as Ruler
Heir +1/2 Cha to Loyalty, Can act as ruler none


Cistern (—): Fed by an artificial artesian spring. +1 Stability.

Houses (1 lot): Stone and sod mounds. Housing for 15 family units. -1 Unrest.

Stable (—): Stone-reinforced to protect against fire, plus special pony-friendly accomodations. +1 Economy, +1 Loyalty, +500 base value.

Oleg’s Fort (4 lots): This sturdy wooden palisade and trading post functions as both a watchtower and a shop. +1 Stability, +1 Economy, +1 Productivity, -1 Unrest, +2 Defense, +500 base value. Includes the stable and cistern inside.

Root Cellars (1 lot): A place to store food. +1 Stability, +1 Loyalty. Can have negative consumption from farms (up to 5 BP surplus).

Available Resources:

  • Man-power: Your ex-slaves are hard-working and slightly desperate. Their efforts clearing land, felling trees, planting, and building net you 1 Build Point per turn. This is awarded at the beginning of Upkeep, and can be used to pay Consumption even if your treasury is empty.
  • Bokken’s Farm: While not beholden to you (other than for his privacy) Bokken’s farm is extremely productive. This counts as a free Farm hex, feeding your workers and reducing your Consumption by 2 (to a minimum of 0).
  • Tuscaroran Fort: Though of poor construction, this commands a good location with a defensible hill, plentiful water supply, and good transport routes, and the Tuscarora have already done the work excavating into the hill and transporting building materials to it. This could be converted to a proper Fort or Castle for half the normal cost of the structure. A city built here would gain a +1 bonus on Economy, Loyalty, and Stability due to its centralized location and ease of defense.

Ongoing Events:

  • Escaped Slaves: The slavers haven’t found you yet, but the threat of them has most of your people on edge. Ongoing -2 Stability. If the slavers actually do close in, this could get much worse.

The People of Freedom

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