Elisha Bokken's Map


Hastily drawn and annotated on a page ripped from an old journal.



  • A: Oleg’s Fort. Nosey old codger who’s even grumpier than me. Strong as fuck. I suspect he’s one of them Puritans. Pretty wife, but she can’t cook worth a damn.
  • B: Reference point only. Bokken doesn’t live here. Forget you ever saw him.
  • C: Silver mine. Bad water. Dog-faced dirt-fairies who know how to mind their own business.
  • D: Orlando Breeg. Hides his traps too well. Almost lost a foot to that irresponsible jackass.
  • E: Huge-ass cave. Had too much sense to go in.
  • F: Another huge-ass cave. Had too much sense to go in.
  • G: Even BIGGER-ass cave. Had too much sense to go in.
  • H: Hemp-Wearers’ Camp. Mad Bear and his raiders live here. Cowards. Scared shit-less of this “white-devil”.
  • I: Frog trapper. Never got his name. Can deliver quite the taunting, and has a god-awful accent to boot.
  • J: Big-ass Boar. Makes owlbears look tame and cuddly. Keep away.
  • K: Bat-faced dirt-faeries. Hate the dog-faced dirt-fairies. No sense of personal space.
  • L: Ford. Best place to cross the river. Guarded by an old, drowned Injun. Kindof a wind-bag, and really seems to hate the Hemp-wearers.
  • M: Fangberries grow around here. Should be in season now. Bring me a few and I can make some medicine for you.
  • N: Big Hemp-Wearer Settlement. Almost civilized. They even got themselves a decent palisade. Their chief “Graceful Cock” set up shop here.
  • X: Good farm land. Plentiful water. Wide open spaces for building houses. Far away from me. The perfect spot for your little colony.

Elisha Bokken's Map

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