David Deas

A slave trader from Carolina colony.


David and his brother John are co-owners of the Dembia, a slave ship which regularly runs shipments from Sierra-Leon to the auctions in Williamsburg. They gambled bringing their most recent shipment to Germanna, to sell directly to the local land-owners — a gamble they lost when a group of ruffians attacked their auction, killing four of their hired guards, stealing nearly fifty slaves, and starting a riot that killed another twenty. After the incident they managed to recover only 22 slaves — nineteen men and three young girls — suffering nearly 600£ in losses all told.

They have allied themselves with the Count, the local constabulary, and the militia to hunt down those responsible for the theft and murder of their property. They plan to leave once they’ve seen the culprits brought to justice and hanged, and will likely never again make the such unprofitable efforts to provide better customer service. Competition be damned.